Congressional Recognition

Congressional Recognition

In honor of the 41 st anniversary of National Handwriting Day, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), announces its endorsement of a bi-partisan congressional resolution introduced by Congressman Paul Tonko (New York 20th Congressional District) and Congressman Leonard Lance (New Jersey 7th Congressional District). The resolution expresses support for the designation of January 23rd as National Handwriting Day; it also recognizes the importance of handwriting for cognitive, artistic and educational benefits.

The congressional resolution, H.Res.654, in addition to expressing support for designation of National Handwriting Day also acknowledges John Hancock, whose birthday is on January 23rd. His was the first signature on the Declaration of Independence, and Hancock contributed to the overall significance of handwriting. The resolution also emphasizes the educational benefits of handwriting for children, as well as the cognitive development and motor skills benefit.
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“I can't think of a better way to celebrate National Handwriting Day than a visit with Ms. Grosso's second grade class at Rosendale Elementary School. Handwriting is a disappearing art that is worth preserving, especially for young students. A handwritten letter not only delivers emotion, connection and creativity in ways that an email or text message simply cannot, it also exercises cognitive and fine motor skills for the writer. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan resolution marking National Handwriting Day with Rep. Leonard Lance and am grateful for our mutual commitment to this effort. Thank you to WIMA for highlighting the significance and power of handwriting and for their support of our Congressional resolution.”

Congressman Paul Tonko


Celebrate the Significance & Power of Handwriting

Established in 1977, on the birthday of America’s most notable scribe, John Hancock, National Handwriting Day designates a day each year to acknowledge the history and importance of penmanship. The recent congressional recognition further solidifies the value of handwriting in everyday life and how important it is to continue to keep the tradition alive in generations to come.

This year WIMA suggests honoring National Handwriting Day on January 23rd by picking up a writing instrument and showing your support through writing. Here are a few suggestions:

Craft a note.
A handwritten note can make a huge impact on someone's day — from a quick thank you to a post-it on the mirror, bring a smile to someone today with a genuine thought on paper.

Draft a letter.
Letter writing has fallen off with the invention of email. A handwritten letter has much more feeling and emotion and can more effectively communicate one’s feelings.

Transcribe your thoughts.
Take a moment to jot down your thoughts today in writing and you may surprise yourself, writing it down may help you work through an inner conflict.

Practice your signature.
Channel your inner John Hancock and practice your signature, there is still a place today to sign on the dotted line.

Create art.
Handwriting extends to art, so whether it's a crayon, colored pencil or marker, draw something that makes you smile.

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