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Become an active part of a growing and evolving industry. WIMA encourages its members to be a part of diverse and active committees committed to educate, inform and produce specific results geared toward promoting ethical conduct of business in the industry, worldwide. As a member you also have many opportunities to network with other industry members.


WIMA and its members are committed to the conduct of business on the basis of expertise, effort and ability with ethical and responsible behavior in compliance with the laws and regulations of pertinent government authorities. WIMA supports the ethical conduct of business in the writing instrument industry worldwide.


WIMA holds an annual membership meeting and several board and committee meetings throughout the year. Only members are eligible to attend WIMA meetings. The meetings are an opportunity to learn, discuss and network.


WIMA keeps its members involved! Each committee consists of, and is chaired by, members. Each committee has a specific purpose, but the goal remains the same-to benefit WIMA members and the industry. WIMA's board of directors oversees the following committees: International Trade, Pencil Section, Product Safety and Marketing.


WIMA sponsors three certification programs to benefit its members and consumers. The ink, pencil and eraser certification programs ensure the products that carry the certification seals conform to ASTM Standard D4236 and federal regulations. For its members, WIMA retains a renowned toxicologist to review materials used, determine if any labeling is required and report approval for use of the certification seal on that product.


WIMA and its counsel, David Baker of Washington, DC, track and keep members abreast of important federal and state legislation. The Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA), California Proposition 65 and other state laws and regulations which affect the industry. WIMA continues to be very active in developing industry positions and forwarding comments to government agencies, both federal and state, on issues affecting member companies. Through the Association, a company's voice is heard concerning legislation without bearing the direct costs.


WIMA endorses fair trade practices in international commerce and takes a very active role to ensure the industry is heard by the appropriate government agencies. WIMA has interacted with the U.S. Customs Service, Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Commerce Department. WIMA continues to address issues of country-of-origin marking requirements and duty classifications.

WIMA and its counsel watch international trade issues closely. General information concerning import and export policies and regulations affecting writing instruments are regularly distributed to members. WIMA acts as the industry liaison with the U.S. Customs Service on behalf of, and to the benefit of, its members.


WIMA is directly involved with the development of international standards, and works closely with the International Standards Organization (ISO), the European Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EWIMA) and the Japanese Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (JWIMA) to develop international standards for writing and marking instruments. This is WIMA's way if keeping its door open to foreign markets on behalf of its members.


WIMA publishes online a directory of manufacturers and products of the writing instrument industry. Each writing instrument manufacturer and component supplier listing provides the address, telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses, contact names and what products the company manufactures and/or distributes. The directory is accessible through the WIMA website at www.wima.org.


WIMA is the information source to which the public turns, whether it is a trade journal writing a story on markers, a consumer looking for the refill of their favorite pen, a manufacturer searching for component parts or a pupil in elementary school writing a report on how a pencil is made, WIMA is there to answer questions, point them in the right direction and most importantly, promote the industry. WIMA regularly distributes press releases regarding National Handwriting Day, the Write Show, industry awards and other industry information.

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