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Just Write!

Did you know that just 15 minutes of handwriting a day can have an impact on a child's cognitive development, motor skills and reading comprehension?* Here are some resources that teachers can use to fit some handwriting instruction into even the busiest of days!

Writing Lessons
This collection of creative writing lessons from Scholastic has topics for all grade levels, including lessons for sequencing, letter writing, editing, short story writing and autobiographical writing.

Journaling is a quick, fun way to get students writing! Journal Buddies has more than 1,000 journaling prompts.

Worksheets & Printables
Education.com has many free writing printables and worksheets available for download, for all grade levels.

Blend technology and writing with these video writing prompts from TeachHub.

Lesson Plan Idea
This article from Edutopia offers five engaging ways to incorporate letter writing into your classroom, regardless of the subject you teach.

Creative Idea
This moving idea from Edutopia describes how students can give each other the gift of words.


*Source: Hanover Research (2012). The Importance of Teaching Handwriting in the 21st Century. Washington, DC: Hanover Research


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