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Pencil makers who want their pencils to carry the PMA certified non-toxic seal must have materials submitted for review according to the safety standards established for the Certification Program. This includes the review of graphite cores, color cores, slats, ferrules, erasers and lacquers to make sure they contain only non-toxic substances and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Pencil Certification Program is designed to ensure that only pencils manufactured from materials that are free from toxins and do not cause harmful effects if chewed receive the seal of approval.

It's not easy for a pencil to earn the PMA seal of approval! All of the parts of the pencil must be individually reviewed for toxicity. Then, once a pencil is assembled, they are randomly tested again to ensure that approved pencils are non-toxic. Any time a material in a pencil is changed and a non-approved ingredient is used, the entire approval process must be repeated.

The PMA Certification Seal is designed to ensure that the products displaying the seal are non-toxic from immediate and long-term health points of view. Manufacturers licensed to display the seal on their products or packages must renew their licenses each year.

The PMA Certification Seal was developed to assist consumers, retailers and wholesalers identify those products that underwent a voluntary product safety program initiated by PMA in 1971. Program membership is available to any manufacturer of cased pencils in the world.

WIMA's leadership efforts are among a growing movement within industry and government to require labeling and the banning of potential health hazards, especially to young children. Consumers, retailers and wholesalers can be assured that the pencils they use, buy and sell are safe and non-toxic by buying from pencil manufacturers who are a part of the Pencil Certification Program.

PMA Certification Program Manual of Procedure (PDF)


PMA Seal Approved Pencils

BIC Corporation
BIC Corporation
BIC Xtra Fun & Xtra Fun Stripes Pencils
BIC Evolution Pencils

Blackwing Branded Gloss Black
Blackwing Matte
Blackwing Pearl

Cedar Alliance
Incense Cedar Pencil Slats
Basswood Pencil Slats

Dixon Ticonderoga Co.
Dixon Ticonderoga Co.
Carpenter Pencil
Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Soft Pencil
Dixon Wedge Cap Eraser Pink 25 Bx
Dixon Wedge Cap Eraser Pink 144 Bx
Dixon Vinyl Eraser Large 12 Bx
Dixon Vinyl Eraser Medium 24 Bx
Jumbo Finishing Pencil
Red Lead Carpenter Pencil
Ticonderoga #2 No Eraser
Ticonderoga Carnation Wedge Eraser Pink 3 CG
Ticonderoga Carnation Wedge Eraser Pink 5 CG
Ticonderoga Envirostik
Ticonderoga Erasers: Pencil Shaped
Ticonderoga Pastel Erasers
Ticonderoga Pastel Eraser Caps
Ticonderoga NEON Erasers
Ticonderoga NEON Erasers & Caps
Ticonderoga Noir
Ticonderoga Retractable Eraser Refill White 1 CG
Ticonderoga Retractable Eraser Refill White 3 CG
Ticonderoga Vinyl Cap Eraser White 10 CG
Ticonderoga Vinyl Cap Eraser White 25 CG
Ticonderoga Vinyl Eraser White 4 CG

Moon Products
LaRose Industries, LLC dba Cra-Z-Art, Rose Moon Division
Rose Moon
USA Gold, USA Titanium

General Pencil Co.
General Pencil Co.
General's® HB Pencil
Semi-Hex® HB Pencil
Kimberly® HB Pencil
Cedar Pointe® HB Pencil
General's® B Pencil
Semi-Hex® B Pencil
Kimberly® B Pencil
Cedar Pointe® B Pencil
General's® 2B Pencil
Semi-Hex® 2B Pencil
Kimberly® 2B Pencil
Cedar Pointe® 2B Pencil

Musgrave Pencil Co.
Musgrave Pencil Co.
Designer Round Pencil
Hex and Round Pencils

Lifelines Scented Colored Pencils
Licensee: Lifelines

STS International Corp.
STS International Corp.

TG Global Enterprises
TG Global Enterprises
TG Global Enterprises, Classroom Essentials, Promotional Channel Products, Graphite and Coloring Pencils
Licensee: Shelbyville Pencil Company

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